Thank You for giving us a chance to work for you. This is a female owened all American Business.

At Bullet Proof Gunsmithing, LLC, we know your firearms are important to you. We will work hard to make sure they are repaired or reworked right the first time. There is almost no gun we can't get parts for. Even if we can't find the part we might be able to make the part required for replacement.

If your firearm can not be repaired we will assist you in the purchase of a replacement firearm.

 I am a Glock Certified Armorer with 40+ years of experience working on Firearms. I have a multitude of contacts in the industry for parts and firearms related information. I have an O7 Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices Federal Firearms License.

The Number you can use to confirm this is 1-58-XXX-XX-XX-11407.

Use the following link to confirm  -

I am a Lifetime member of the NRA, the NRA recently gave me the Golden Eagle Award. 

I am also Member of AAGSR, American Association of Gunsmiths and Reloaders

I am a Member of Gun Owners of America and a Member of Georgia Carry.

 If you need to have a firearm shipped to this location from your vendor have them contact me for a current copy of my FFL.

Please contact me and make me aware of the firearm being shipped.

Contact Information: or at 1+ (404) 580-3705.

Once the firearm has arrived we will contact you. You will need to come in and fill out the BATFE form 4473 for a background check. Once this is completed and you have inspected the firearm and paid the $30.00 transfer fee the firearm will be turned over to you. There is additional $5.00 charge for a Background check if you don't have a current Georgia Carry Permit/License.

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