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Here is a beautiful little Colt vest pocket pistol in .25 acp. It was extremely dirty and was stripped to the frame and cleaned.

Here is a Smith & Wesson Model 1903 Hand Ejector. It was in rough shape. Here are some of the before shots:

As you can see, it was dirty and in need of some tender loving care. The next shots are after the pistol was completely stripped, cleaned and parts were checked for proper fit and alignment.

Now this gun can go back to it's owner. It is safe to shoot and clean as well as in proper working order. A few parts were replaced. Getting them for this pistol was hard but I tracked them down. It shoots a .32 long cartridge, with the new muzzle crown I cut on it it should shoot fairly straight now.

The next pistol is a favorite of mine. It is a Colt Police Positive Special in .38 Caliber, not the .38 short S & W but the .38 we all know today. It was made in 1928. Not bad looking for an 87 year old gun. Complete strip and clean.

Now for some pictures of the completed firearm. This is a beautiful pistol:

In the last picture you will see another nice feature of the gun. It has the Colt Range Master grips with the thumb swell on the left grip. After the complete strip down and cleaning I checked all of the parts for proper fit, there were no damaged parts and the alignment was excellent. The gun was checked out per Colt specifications. It has good lockup and the cylinder is tight. The timing of the cylinder rotation and lockup is great. The bore is in very good shape, still very bright and shiny. I checked it out with the bore-scope and there is no damage in the bore or the forcing cone.

The rifle below is another strip and clean job. It is a Schmidt Rubin K11 Carbine Straight pull in 7.5 X 55. It is in excellent shape and is a great shooter. I love to work on these older guns. The new guns I work on are great in their design and the features they have but some of these older guns such as the Colt Police are handheld works of art. The machine work on some of the older guns is awesome. Here is the carbine:

Very nice rifle. I will continue to add to this collection of completed work as they come in and I have the time. I have a Nagant Pistol on the workbench now. I will get some pictures of it up very soon.

Here are the pictures of the 1895 Nagant pistol. This was produced at the Tula Armory in 1941. It is in excellent shape and shoots very accurate out to about 20 yards. It shoots a Wad cutter type round, the 7.62 X 38 round. Here it is all torn apart:

Here is the pistol back together again:

Look at the length of the firing pin on this thing. It is very long. It is needed this long because when you cock the gun or pull the trigger in the SA mode the cylinder moves forward and locks against the back of the barrel. The tip of the cartridge is in the forcing cone when the gun fires. It is 100% sealed to the barrel when you pull the trigger.

I hope to get some more interesting guns posted here before to long. I might try to get dome DIY video's up if I can. I will keep it simple so than anyone can do it. Thanks for checking this page out.

Thanks BPG...

Here is a Lever Action I took down not long ago. We work on everything here at one time or another.

Here is a little Rossi Revolver that looks a lot like a Smith & Wesson on the inside.

Hope to post some more here in the next few weeks. Thanks for looking...

This has been the year for Smith & Wesson. I currently have three Model 38 DA 3rd Generation pistols in the shop. This on came in not working. Had a bad trigger spring and cylinder stop.

This is another one. It is also what all the pieces look like...

These were great little guns. They work well and don't break to often. The only problem is that they use the S & W .38 ammo and it can get pricey.

Here is a Black Powder Pistol I just got finished. This one was with some help from my friends over at Small Arms Restoration...

Thanks for looking. It will be interesting to see what the New Year brings...

Here is a project I just completed. It was on a Smith & Wesson M&P Model of 1905 forth change with a type 2 hammer block. It was in rough shape when it came in. I will start at the beginning pictures and work through up and to the completed product.

As you can see in the pictures above, it was in bad shape. It was originally done in a Nickel finish which was in very bad shape. The old muzzle crown was awful and as you will see, I converted it from the original square butt configuration to a round butt type. The following pictures show the revolver with some repairs made, new muzzle crown, rounded butt and all of the old nickel finish removed to get it ready to be blued.

Now I will post the pictures of the completed project. I am very happy with it as I think it turned out very well... I had a good friend and gunsmith do the bluing, I did the color case blue on the trigger and hammer here in my shop.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my work and know that I only do first quality work for all my customers. No matter how small or large the project is you will always get the best from me here at Bullet Proof Gunsmithing, LLC/BPG. Thanks for looking and I hope to see you in the future to help you with all your firearms needs...

Here is a beautiful Winchester Model 1873 made in 1889. It shoots the 32-20 cartridge. Detail cleaned and some small parts replacement.

I love to work on these older firearms. They don't make them like this anymore

Here are some pictures of a shotgun fore-stock I made here in the shop. I could not find a replacement anywhere so I broke out the wood tools and got busy. Turned out very well.

As you can see this is what they call a Hardware store shotgun. It was in good shape overall, just needed a new fore-stock. Thanks for looking at some of my completed work. Give me a call if I can be of any help with your firearm issues...

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