Thank You for giving us a chance to work for you. This is a female owened all American Business.

Thank You for your business.

NOTE: We do not accept checks, business nor personal for payment. We will accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Money Orders or Cashiers Checks drawn on your account. Positive proof of Identification will be required for any of these transactions.

When you get ready to checkout contact me and I will take your payment over the telephone. The pay portal on this site no longer works due to PAYPAL and it screwed up rules and guidelines.

Firearm parts and accessories do not require a copy of an FFL (Federal Firearms License) to be on file. The only exception will be if and when I start stocking lower AR receivers or other types of receivers that are serialized. Serialized items will require an FFL.

NOTE: Any Active Duty Law Enforcement Officer or Active Duty/Retired Military Personnel are eligible for a 3% discount on orders over $100.00. This includes any services preformed in my shop, firearms and parts. You will need to furnish proof of your current status for the discount. I hope to increase this discount as the volume increases in my business. For the discount enter the code:bzrk9z.

Thank you for your patronage as we look forward to doing business with you for all your firearm needs in the future.

NOTICE: Before I can ship a firearm to you I must have the information from your FFL in my hand. Have your Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer or Gunsmith contact me so that I may obtain their FFL for my records. Your firearm will not ship until this happens. Once I have a copy of your FFL on file future orders should ship without issue.

For local sales you need to come in and fill out the BATFE form 4473. This is the Firearms Transaction Record Form for over the counter sales. I will process it and once the FBI background check is completed I will release the firearm to you.

If you have a Georgia Weapons Carry License in your possession this will expedite the process.

Thank You, Bullet Proof Gunsmithing, LLC.

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