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Saiga Rifle Conversion - Parts not included


Remove and Replace the Front Sight Base. The Gas Block. Move the Trigger Group forward and install a new Tapco G-2 Trigger group. Polish the trigger group for lightened pull weight and smoother action. Install a new Krebs safety with bolt hold open slot. Add a new Buttstock of your choice. Install a new pistol grip of choice. Install a bullet guide. Install a lower hand guard retainer.

The parts listed below are for the conversion of a Saiga IZ132 in 7.62 X 39 Rifle, Stamped Receiver. Let me know if you have another type of Saiga for conversion and I will get you an estimate together.

NOTE: When viewing the items in the list below. Once you have looked it over just hit the back button or you will close this page.

Dinzag Arms Pistol Grip Conversion Kits -

Dinzag Arms Bullet Guide Rivet Kits -

Dinzag Arms Bolt on Lower Hand Guard Retainer Kit -

The part listed above is a less expensive way to install the hand guards.

Dinzag Arms Correct Gas Tube for Conversion -

K-VAR Correct Front Sight Block for Conversion -

K-VAR Correct Gas Block for Conversion -

K-VAR Front Sight Block and Gas block Pins needed for installation, you will need four of these in total -

K-VAR Muzzle Break made for the Front Sight Block -

K-VAR Standard Black Arsenal Buttstock, Pistol Grip and Upper and Lower Hand Guards. You get any type you want, just let me know. -

K-VAR Correct Lower Hand Guard retainer for Conversion -

Krebs custom Safety with bolt hold open slot -

I hope this helps you in the decision making process. There are several ways to handle this conversion. Let me know what you want to accomplish and I will get an estimate together for you.


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